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Hits Wall is Live Mar 06, 2018

Hits wall Is added on all sites for our great members to earn more

Amazing News and Updates Jan 28, 2018

Amazing News and Updates Hello all new members and ADS HIVE Faithful... Amazing things are starting now and watch real close... FIRST Everyone check the store there is a new special and MEMBERSHIPS have been updated to help you the MEMBER!!!! BUT oh Wait YEAH Ads Hive And Cozy Escapes Just launched our next 2 sites.... WHAT yes and more coming..... Getting right to the point , ADS HIVE members are getting first chance before we launch to the world ///// go now and join our new projects that will be here forever and we can be proud of ... may everyone have much success..... Join us now TIGERPTC BEBUX MUCH FORTUNE FOR US ALL>>> Thank you all ADS HIVE Members

AD HIVE is Live Dec 19, 2017

Ad Hive is Live enjoy and welcome all members

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Brand New Paid To Promote Just Launched New From Scarlet-clicks

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